Leadership Strategies That Overcome Adversity

Aaron Golub is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant who became the first legally blind division one athlete to play in a game. He works with his clients to shatter limiting beliefs and create true change.





Figure out how to achieve your true potential.

With years of experience, Aaron has developed the ability to captivate audiences and make them truly believe in themselves. With conviction and a special passion that comes from within, Aaron enables them to discover their true potential and broaden their horizons. 

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Aaron is on a mission to make lasting change in the lives of millions. Through his international speaking tours and workshops, he provides innovative approaches and thought-provoking insights that re-shape perspectives on some of the most difficult issues. With recognition from major media and a plethora of clients, Aaron has established himself as an expert in his field.

How You Can Engage With Me

Aaron provides comprehensive support to help your team thrive and get through any challenge. Through a variety of engagement options, you can ensure lasting success for the organization.



Aaron is a unique and inspiring speaker who has overcome adversity to achieve incredible success. As the first legally blind division one athlete to play in a game, Aaron knows what it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve one’s goals. His inspiring message has earned him invitations to speak on major media outlets, and he is an expert at motivating and engaging audiences.



Aaron hosts workshops to help individuals work through adversity and re-evaluate their beliefs. In these workshops, he discusses strategies for overcoming challenges and obstacles, and encourages participants to rethink their past beliefs in order to create more positive and successful futures. Through engaging and interactive sessions, Aaron Golub aims to empower individuals to take control of their lives and achieve their goals.



Aaron offers consulting services to businesses, providing them with strategies to create lasting change within their organizations. He also works to uncover impactful insights with teams that can lead to increased success and productivity. Aaron is dedicated to helping businesses implement these strategies and is always available to support and guide them through the process of making meaningful changes.



As the first legally blind division one athlete to play in a game, Aaron knows what it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve success. In his one-on-one coaching sessions, Aaron provides powerful strategies and insights that can help you do just the same. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he is committed to supporting and guiding his clients on their journey towards creating lasting change and reaching their full potential.

Signature Programs

As an expert in leadership strategies that help you overcome adversity, Aaron is providing powerful programs to help you maximize your ability to conquer challenging times.

Thinking Differently About Disabilities

Reframe your thinking around disabilities and create an environment where everyone feels they belong despite the differences we all face. Have open conversations, tune into your emotional intelligence, and ditch your assumptions to create a space where people can ask for help.

Achieving Goals Through Adversity

Learn to identify challenges, overcome obstacles, and convert failures into successful lessons and opportunities. Focus on the ability to navigate daily adversities and recognize that we are each responsible for our own actions, outcomes, and ultimately, success.

Leaning Into

Develop your leadership skills and help empower new leaders on your team. We’ll discuss the essential qualities that define successful leaders and cover the strategies they embrace in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Aaron delivers a truly impactful and transformative message that leaves his audience feeling inspired and motivated to take action.

Feedback from my clients

In all my years of playing in the NFL and coaching thereafter, I have met very few men who have the courage and confidence that Aaron Golub possesses. When Aaron first came to train with me to prepare for his NFL Pro Day, my first impression was: ‘Here’s a very athletic football player who possess a strong work ethic, has mastered his skill, and operates through his training in a normal fashion.’ When he shared with me his legally blind status, and then allowed me to wear his goggles that replicate the very limited, blurred vision he has, I was shocked, and thoroughly impressed at all he has accomplished and continues to accomplish with a substantial vision challenge. I know whatever Aaron sets his mind on, he will accomplish! He has already and will continue to beat the odds.

~ John Carney 23-year NFL kicker, Coach, and Owner of Carney Training Facility

We were fortunate to have Aaron address our entire school community. His message of resiliency, setting goals and establishing a plan to achieve one’s goals, and expressing to our students that the path to success is different for everyone resonated with our entire school community. Our students were engaged during Aaron’s presentation and the impact of his visit has been felt on campus since he left. Aaron was also kind enough to have lunch with our student leaders as well as our coaches. I would highly recommend Aaron to any school who is looking for a speaker who will connect with their school on so many levels.

~ Tim Joncas Director of Athletics, Westminster School

Aaron is an amazing speaker; our company and team greatly benefited from the guest speaking Q&A he did with us. Not only did he tell us his inspirational story, but he also provided great wisdom and insight to many questions we had on leadership, setting and achieving your goals and overcoming obstacles. We were super impressed and plan to have Aaron back next year to do more team activities with our company. I would recommend Aaron to any company looking for a speaker or consulting with regards to DE&I and leadership development.

~ Brad Jones Chief Operating Officer Urban Skin Rx

Aaron is an intense and driven motivational speaker. He did an excellent job presenting to our group. Relevant, honest, ambitious, and forward thinking. If your team is underperforming they need to hear Aaron’s message.

~ Matt Murray President and CEO Touchdown Business Solutions

Aaron was a wealth of knowledge in leadership, overcoming adversity and allyship for those with disabilities. We all walked away being greatly impacted by his story and his presence.

~ Shayna Fears Lead Event Experience Planner Meeting & Event Services | National Team Deloitte Services LP

Thank you so much for speaking at our Charlottesville SHRM event. Your speech was the perfect way to end our conference on a high inspirational note. I have received feedback from many of our guests that found your struggles and words heartening during a difficult time in all of our lives. I wish you all the future success and hope that we can work together again in the future.

~ Corey Lawson Benefit Specialist BOST

He’s just a really strong minded, tough kid, and he’s really good at his craft. You take for granted what he accomplished, because he makes it all look so easy.

~ Coach Willie Fritz Head Football Coach at Tulane University

If you are not inspired by Aaron, you are not capable of being inspired. Aaron embodies the power of positive thinking and the mantra that if there is a will there is a way.

~ Adam Mendler Chief Executive Officer The Veloz Group

Aaron has a great story of perseverance and hard work that led to his successful career. All of us at MCB are grateful that he shared his journey to inspire other young people who are blind and visually impaired to seek employment. We celebrate Aaron’s achievements and hope to work with him again soon!

~ John Oliveira Deputy Commissioner Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Aaron Golub is a gifted speaker. He is patient, responsive, and understands how to connect with any type of audience. Those who invite him to give a talk will gain a new perspective of ability, motivation and what it takes to be successful. I can’t recommend Aaron enough and I would gladly have him back to talk with our community again!

~ Steve Dasman Program Coordinator Waypoint Adventures

Aaron’s message to the SUNY Geneseo Cross Country team was both motivational and powerful. His presentation to the team via a Zoom meeting during the Covid- 19 pandemic could not have come at a better time with how to deal with and overcome adversity. His story is incredible and offered words to live by to set these young student-athletes on a path of success, no matter what stands in their way. If there is an opportunity to hear Aaron speak, jump on board!

~ Dan Moore Head Coach Men’s and Women’s Cross Country SUNY Geneseo

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